How To Tap - Learning Faster EFT

Robert Smith – the creator of Faster EFT’s – own Website. He has details of courses and products here, plus a Newsletter that you can sign up for. This entitles you to a Free 7 day ‘Quick Start’ course. Over the 7 day period you receive a daily email directing you to certain videos on Roberts own You-Tube channel that give you information both on how to tap and the Faster EFT system.

Robert Smith’s own You Tube channel with over 600 video’s; these are a mixture of seminar teachings, Robert himself tapping on various issues seminar attendees present with, and testimonials from seminar attendees.

Robert Smith demonstrating how to tap Faster EFT style.

Grace B Jones (Denali Dragonfly) Faster EFT Master Practitioner demonstrating ‘How to Tap’ in an easy-to-follow and join in video.

Robert Smith explains why tapping works from a Faster EFT perspective

Robert Smith in a seminar demonstration of ‘how to get rid of a headache fast’ in an easy-to-follow and join in video.

Written instructions for ‘the quick tap’ followed by the ‘parts and pieces’ tap.

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The Quick Tap

Identify the problem:

  • Think about (or recall) the problem or event in detail. (Notice the emotions and specific images that support the problem).
  • Really associate (step into the memory, imagine yourself really there, see what you saw, hear what you heard and feel what you felt) ‘The stronger you feel it the faster it goes’.
  • Give it a SUDs rating of how much you feel it. (Subjective Units of Distress) Zero you don’t feel it at all, to ten – it’s really bad.

The tree metaphor

Imagine a tree in front of you. If you were to pull the roots out from under the tree, what would naturally happen to a tree without roots?

Tap the routine points, do not focus on the feeling or memory while you are tapping, just feel your fingers, whilst saying;

“I release and let go of;

All sadnesses
All fears
All emotional traumas
All the angers
Feelings of no control
Shame, secrets and anything else that supports this.

Let it all go. It’s safe to let it go”. Take a deep breath, blow it out, and say “Peace’!”
(Recall a peaceful memory, really associate – step into the memory).

Re-check the problem and notice how it has changed. Look for remaining emotional or physical reactions and use ‘parts and pieces’ on these.

The Parts and Pieces Tap

Use this technique to address parts and pieces left over from the Quick Tap, or as a routine method to instantly reduce emotions on a day to day, minute by minute basis.

Identify the problem;

Recognise that you have this problem, notice how you know it’s there, and where and how it is felt in your body.
(Note; it isn’t necessary to name the problem, to understand it, or to analyse it). JUST IDENTIFY THE FEELING.


Tap through the points, focus on and feel your fingers...
And say: ‘Let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go’.
Take a deep breath and blow it out, and say ‘Peace’.

You can use other words that feel right for you; ‘I release and let it go’; ‘let it all go’; ‘it’s safe to let it go’; ‘it’s no longer happening.’

Return to the problem;
Notice how it has changed.
Notice what is left. Notice how you know there is something remaining. Focus on this and tap another round.

Repeat this process until your SUDs rating is zero.

Make it return;
Try to make the problem return. Notice what you have to focus on to get the emotions back. Repeat the process and tap the remaining emotions out.

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